Corporate Data

Izumi Corporate Profile(As of Feb. 28, 2021)

Date of establishment: October 27, 1961
Head office: 3-3-1 Futabanosato, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima, Japan
Tel: +81-82-264-3211
Paid-in capital: ¥19,613,856,196
Employees: 2,907 full-time, 5,971 part-time (8-hour shift equivalent)
Number of malls/stores: 109
Chugoku Region 63 stores
Hiroshima Pref. 32 stores
Yamaguchi Pref. 14 stores
Okayama Pref. 10 stores
Shimane Pref. 7 stores
Kyushu Region 36 stores
Fukuoka Pref. 19 stores
Oita Pref. 3 stores
Kumamoto Pref. 9 stores
Saga Pref. 3 stores
Nagasaki Pref. 2 stores
Other Regions 10 stores
Kagawa Pref. 4 stores
Tokushima Pref. 1 store
Hyogo Pref. 3 stores
Other 2 stores

The History of Izumi

1946 The founder, Yoshimasa Yamanishi opens a stall outside Hiroshima Station.
1950 Apparel wholesaler Yamanishi K.K. is established.
1961 Izumi Co., Ltd., is established, and the first Izumi supermarket is opened in Hatchobori.
1967 Izumi opens another supermarket across from Hiroshima Station.
1973 The Izumi Gion store opens as the first suburban store with a large parking lot prior to Japan's motorization.
1974 Nihon Ryutsu Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Nichiryu), a cooperative purchasing organization, is established by Izumi and seven other companies.
1975 The Izumi Conference is established to deepen exchanges with business partners.
1977 Izumi joins the Japan Chain Stores Association.
1978 The Company's stock is listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange, and on the Hiroshima Securities Exchange.
1980 Izumi changes the Japanese spelling of its company name ("Izumi" changes from hiragana to katakana). It also creates its first corporate logo.
1985 The point-of-sale (POS) system is introduced.
1986 The Company's stock is listed on the First Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange and on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1987 The Company's stock is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1990 youme Town Takahashi and Higashihiroshima open, marking the birth of a youme Town type shopping center that revitalizes the local community through collaborative relationships with local government and people.
1993 Yasuaki Yamanishi is appointed President and Representative Director. Yoshimasa Yamanishi is appointed Chairperson and Representative Director.
1995 youme Town Onga opens in Fukuoka Prefecture, marking the first store opening in Kyushu.
1997 Izumi Museum of Art opens.
1998 youme Town Takamatsu opens as our flagship youme Town store and one of the largest in all of Western Japan.
2000 youme Town Yumesaito and youme Town Hakata open, marking Izumi's full-fledged expansion in Kyushu.
2003 youme Town Kurume opens as a showcase for town building closely in tune with the local community.
2006 youme Town Saga opens as Japan's first mall with a cross-mall format.
2008 Izumi returns to its roots in Hiroshima to open youme Town Hiroshima.
2011 The Company's 50th anniversary. youme Town Tokushima opens as Izumi's first next generation store for the next 100 years.
2012 youme Mart Kokura Higashi opens as the first youme Mart location.
2013 Izumi's new head office building is completed. youme Mall Shimonoseki opens as the first youme Mall location.
2015 youme Town Hatsukaichi opens as a shopping center that aims to blend the town, environment and people together in harmony.
2016 A large earthquake strikes Kumamoto and Izumi immediately thereafter provides assistance and helps with the reconstruction effort.
2017 The new business platform LECTopens. A facility for spending time leisurely centered around the main themes of culture, food, and living.
The medium-term management plan is created.
2018 Conclusion of business alliance with Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.